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IP Geolocation API by WHOIS API, Inc. Launches Comprehensive IP Geolocation Database

Posted on August 27, 2018

An online tool for instantly finding IP addresses’ physical geolocation enables users to uncover which country, state or city website visitors originate from.

IP Geolocation API, https://ip-geolocation.whoisxmlapi.com, a subsidiary of California-based WHOIS API, Inc. and an online tool for instantly finding an IP address’s physical geolocation, announced the launch of its comprehensive and accurate IP geolocation database. Updated weekly, the database allows users to uncover which country, state or even city website visitors originate from, and currently offers 8,243,431 IP blocks (including IPv4 and IPv6) and unique 340,423 locations, with 99.5% of currently used IP addresses covered.

“Hundreds of thousands of records are added or updated on a monthly basis, and we always strive to expand the coverage of IP Geolocation API’s database while enhancing its accuracy,” explains Kevin Francois from WHOIS API, Inc. “Available in the CSV and JSON formats, our IP database helps identify visitors’ physical location – including the country, region, city, latitude and longitude of a said city – and zip code or time zone. What’s more, we provide a database that covers 99.5% of all IP addresses in use – and counting.”

“Users would be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive geolocation solution than the one offered by IP Geolocation API.”

Through IP Geolocation API’s intuitive services, you can offer beautiful customized experiences for your users based on their geolocation while detecting users from different countries, customizing currencies on e-commerce sites and even more via a powerful IP geolocation lookup tool. According to IP Geolocation API personnel, IP geolocation data enables insights into core market demographics and the discovery of new hidden opportunities and emerging trends.

What’s more, users can identify risky situations and account for the originating country by way of a scoring process using the aforementioned IP geolocation API lookup tool. By doing so, users can compare visitor IP geolocation information with known customer data to detect online fraud and identity theft.

For more information on IP Geolocation API visit https://ip-geolocation.whoisxmlapi.com/

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