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#1 IP geolocation tools to find someone’s exact IP address location

Get access to our complete line of IP geolocation products, including an API, a lookup tool, a database download, bulk processing options, and an IP location map with relevant statistics.

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#1 IP geolocation tools to find someone’s exact IP address location
99.5%of IP addresses in use
291,000+Locations covered
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Our IP geolocation products cover these data points:

  • Location details

    Find out detailed IP geo data, including the postal code, city, region, ISO 3166 two-letter country code, and country.

  • Precise coordinates

    Get the latitude and longitude coordinates of IP addresses of interest.

  • UTC-based time zone

    Find out what time zone matches the IP address’s location in “+10:00” format (UTC).

  • GeoNames ID

    Gather IP addresses’ location identifiers as per the GeoNames database.

  • ISP

    Learn which Internet service provider (ISP) is responsible for a particular IP address.

  • AS details

    The domain name, Autonomous System (AS) number, and route taken are all relevant identifiers of the network behind an IP address and are included in our IP geolocation database.

  • ASN type

    Find out what kind of network the IP address uses—cable, digital subscriber line (DSL), ISP, etc. Know what it’s used for, too (content, educational/research, enterprise).

  • Connected domain names

    Check the list of domain names connected to an IP address.

  • Type of connection new

    Check IP addresses’ connection types (modem, mobile, broadband, or company).

Find exact IP address location with our IP geolocation products

IP Geolocation Lookup

Use a given IP address, domain name, or email address to track the exact location of an IP address, including latitude and longitude, time zone, country, region, city, postal code, ISP, AS number and organization, connection type, domain name, and more.

IP Geolocation Lookup | WhoisXML API
IP Geolocation API | WhoisXML API

IP Geolocation API

Accurately identify your users’ geographical location with a large number of geolocation attributes through just one API call.

Bulk processing

We provide a bulk IP tracker geolocation service available online or through API access. Upon registration, you will get 1,000 free IP/email/domain ID checks. Upload your existing data and download the results.

IP Geolocation Bulk API/GUI | WhoisXML API
IP Geolocation Data Feed | WhoisXML API

IP Geolocation Database

All of our IP geolocation data is available for purchase via downloadable feeds in comma-separated values (CSV) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

Our IP location map provides precise statistical analyses of the IP addresses in use

Know the way IP addresses are allocated among countries, ISPs, and other physical locations.

View statistics
IP Geolocation Statistics | WhoisXML API

Our IP geolocation data is:

  • Thorough

    We aim to offer the best IP geolocation services. All of our products support IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and provide data on circa 99.5% of all IP addresses in use today.

  • Dependable

    We add or update hundreds of thousands of records to our IP geolocation database weekly. Our efforts are supported by legal agreements with the world’s largest ISPs.

  • Always current

    We strive to widen our database’s reach while increasing its IP geolocation accuracy. Our data is consistently formatted for immediate use or easy integration into existing platforms.

Practical usage of our IP Geolocation API


  • Enhance geotargeting, geofencing, and other geolocation-based marketing strategies by finding an IP address's exact location.
  • Correlate network log data with customers’ IP geolocation for better content personalization as part of your marketing campaigns and analyses in Python or other programming languages.


  • Build in-depth attacker profiles by finding the exact location of their IP addresses. Identify cybercriminal hotspots by noting the number of suspicious or malicious incidents from that area as well as part of attack surface management efforts.
  • Prevent fraud by comparing logged customer data with the current IP geolocation of a user for every transaction.

Website enhancement

  • Find the IP address location of every website visitor in JavaScript or other coding languages to serve him/her content based on personal preferences. Display product or service descriptions that match users’ IP geolocation.
  • Base recommendations on previous purchases using customers’ IP addresses for easier historical purchase tracking.

Digital rights management

  • Find the exact location of every IP address to ensure you are not serving anyone outside licensing or legal restrictions.
  • Ensure that customers really come from where they say they do to avoid copyrighted content licensing and legal repercussions.

The IP Geolocation data we provide

  • Exhaustive

    Our location data collection enfolds IPv4 and IPv6 address spaces with more than 340K unique locations in 120K+ towns and cities around the globe that account for 99.5% of all IP addresses used.

  • Precise and relevant

    We accumulate data from numerous sources and by legal agreements with a number of large ISPs. Hundreds of thousands of records are put in or updated every day to give you more relevant information than you can possibly imagine.

  • Consecutive

    We do our best to widen the scope of our database and boost its accuracy, so as to offer data as structured as possible. Consequently, our Geo IP database is easy to integrate into your platform. The database is available in the formats of CSV and JSON.

IP Geolocation Overview

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