Find your website/app visitor geolocation accurately

Our IP Geolocation API service allows you to accurately identify your users’ geographical location, including their latitude & longitude, time zone, country, region, city, postal code, ISP, AS Number & Organization, connection type, domain name and more. This data will help you customize your visitors’ experience, prevent fraud and ensure compliance – to name a few.

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By a given IP address, Domain or Email we retrieve

  • IP geolocation details

    For the given IP address we retrieve its two letters country code from ISO 3166, region, city and postal code.

  • Latitude & Longitude

    Get the precise geographic location of the current IP address.

  • Time zone offset by UTC

    Determine the timezone to which the IP address belongs in the "+10:00" format.

  • Geoname ID

    Assign a location identifier for the IP address according to the GeoNames database.

  • Internet Service Provider

    Find out which Internet Service Provider is used by your visitor.

  • Autonomous System details

    Identify network which is used by the current IP address. Get its domain name, AS number and route.

  • ASN type

    Find out what type of network the IP address belongs to: Cable/DSL/ISP, Content, Educational/Research, Enterprise, etc.

  • Associated domains

    Get the array of the domain names associated with IP address.

  • Connection type new

    Find out what type of connection used by the IP address: modem, mobile, broadband, company.

What isIP GeolocationAPI?

Practical usage

Market research

Market research

Easily turn your web server access logs or other server data containing IP addresses into valuable business information. This will enable understanding your users’ needs better and help in building comprehensive customer profiles & create suitable plans.

Content personalization

Give your users beautiful, tailored experiences based on their geolocation.

Demographic targeting

If you know where your customer lives, you can target ads based on demographic data related to that area.

Customize marketing campaigns

Adjust your marketing strategies when targeting a specific location. Understanding where your visitors connect from can result in increased relevance, response, and revenues.

Trends analysis

Obtain insights about your core market demographics and discover new hidden prospects and emerging trends.

Security protection

Security protection

Find visitors from IP addresses belonging to certain countries or bad neighborhoods & block them before any damage is done.

Cyber crime prevention

Data from previously revealed attacks or attempts can be correlated with those of current traffic to preempt & prevent an attack.

Detect identity theft and online fraud

Compare visitor’s IP Geolocation information with known customer data to detect online fraud and identity theft.

Prevent phishing attacks

Tie email addresses to a geographical location to check & filter malicious entities.

Intrusion detection

Analyze cyber attacks & identify risky situations by inspecting the Geolocation of bad actors

Law enforcement

Identify abusers & curb them from causing harm in the future.

Online banking security

Card companies, banks, and other providers can screen fraud & maintain the security of online transactions by continuously monitoring transaction data for regional discrepancies to reveal fraud.

Online banking security
Social sciences

Social sciences

Find relevant trends & understand their implications in several disciplines in social sciences including geography, demography and the sociology of networks.

We provide complete and relevant IP Geolocation data

  • We accumulate data from numerous sources and by legal agreements with a number of large ISPs.

  • Hundreds of thousands of records are put in or updated every week to give you relevant information.

  • Our location data collection enfolds IPv4 and IPv6 address spaces.

  • We are hardly trying to get more, and now we are covered 99.68% IP addresses in use.

Simplify your work

To make coding against IP Geolocation API easier, use client libraries that reduce the amount of code you need to write.

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IP Geolocation API

Get 1,000 free requests monthly. No credit card required.

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