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Ease Jurisdictional Compliance with Regulation-Specific IP Data Feeds

Jurisdictional compliance is an area that businesses can’t afford to get wrong. Our Regulatory Compliance IP Geolocation Data Feeds help automate critical processes to accurately identify and block traffic and networks from sanctioned or restricted areas. The service currently covers OFAC-listed countries.

A truly exhaustive and precise IP geolocation database updated daily
99.5%of all IP addresses in use
291,000+locations covered
248countries monitored
45 million+IP records updated daily

What Data Is Included?

  • Filtered IP Geolocation Data

    Learn the location details of filtered IP addresses, ranging from their countries and regions down to the region and city level, along with their latitude and longitude coordinates. The database also includes the locations’ time zones and GeoName IDs.

  • Enriched with ISP and Connection Type

    Identify the organization responsible for the IP address’s administration for additional context. You may also glean insights from the address’s Internet connection type.

Why Choose Our Data?

  • Accurate

    Our legal agreements with data aggregators worldwide allow us to provide precise country- and city-level IP geolocation data. Our data is refreshed daily.

  • Well-Structured

    We parse our data into consistent and easy-to-read formats ready for download. Our regulation-specific IP Geolocation Data Feed is available in CSV and JSON formats.

  • Fit for Purpose

    Leave the data processing to us. Our filtered, regulation-specific files make it easier to detect IP addresses and networks based in sanctioned locations.

Regulatory Compliance IP Data Feeds Available:

Upcoming Releases

  • ITAR-Listed Countries

    Access a separate list of IP geolocation data belonging to areas sanctioned by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

  • CFSP-Listed Countries

    Get a list of IP addresses and relevant data points located in areas covered by the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).

Are you looking for filtered IP data specific to other regulations? Please contact us to discuss your requirements.