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IP Geolocation Lookup: Check the Location of an IP Address Now

Find out where a user is located and more using an IP address, an email address, or a domain name as a search term. Test IP Geolocation Lookup now. Download our product sheet to learn more.

99.5%of IP addresses in use
291,000+Locations covered
52,000+Satisfied customers

IP geo lookup reports give the following:

  • IP geolocation data

    Gather information on a user’s city, postal code, region, country, and ISO country code.

  • Time zone (UTC)

    Complement the location information of a user with his corresponding time zone (+10:00).

  • Latitude and longitude

    Get geographical coordinates to measure the straight line distance from a given point to another.

  • ISP

    Check the Internet service provider (ISP) that allocated a user’s IP address.

  • AS details

    Parameters include Autonomous System (AS) number, name, and route.

  • Connection type

    Check a user’s connection type (e.g., modem, mobile, broadband, etc.) to assess his network quality.

  • AS type

    Identify the network type of an IP address—educational/research, ISP, enterprise, nonprofit, etc.

  • Associated domain names

    Keep an eye on up to five domain names resolving to an IP address.

Benefits of our ip geolocation lookup tool:

  • Extensive coverage

    IP Geolocation Lookup covers 99.5% of all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in use, spanning 250 countries and over 250,000 cities. Our data is updated every day for freshness and relevance.

  • Shareable and detailed

    IP Geolocation Lookup’s reports give a clear overview of relevant geo data points, along with value-added network information, a list of connected entities, and a location map.

Practical usage

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

  • Learn where customers reside to email customized responses or tailor-fit your marketing presentations.
  • Gather geo data given a domain name, an IP address, or an email address while on a call or during a meeting.


  • Find out more about a suspicious domain name or an IP address and its connected domain footprint as part of forensic and law enforcement investigations.
  • Check if our IP geolocation intelligence is the right addition to your existing systems and commercial products by running a test with IP Geolocation Lookup.
  • Compare a user’s geolocation data with logged customer information to check for inconsistencies and detect identity theft and online fraudulent transactions.
Law and compliance

Law and compliance

  • Check where your business partners are located to avoid doing business in sanctioned areas.
IP Geolocation Lookup | WhoisXML API

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