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3 Reasons To Use IP Geolocation API To Enhance Location Targeting and Improve Mobile Marketing

Posted on June 14, 2018

The vast majority of people in your eligible target market have mobile devices. From tablets to cell phones to smart watches, almost everyone has a way to be reached on the go. This means mobile marketing should be a huge part of your marketing strategy. Using IP Geolocation API allows you to focus your marketing on a more specific audience and reach potential customers who may already be interested in the products or services your company offers. Here are just a few ways using this technology can benefit your business.

Discover Emerging Trends Within Your Target Market

When you can see the location of a device and its user, you can gain insight into their preferences and interests. You can obtain valuable information such as:

  • Where they like to eat
  • What stores they like to shop at
  • Which of your competitors they visit

Having this knowledge allows you to stay ahead of trends and tailor your marketing to your ideal consumers. If many of your existing clients have switched from eating out to cooking their own meals, you will know to spend more money on marketing at grocery stores instead of at restaurants. You can also stop wasting money marketing your company to many thousands of uninterested people and limit your message to those who have already shown interest in similar products or services to those offered by your company.

Customize Your Users’ Experience Based on Location

Using IP Geolocation API can both alert your clients when they are near one of your business locations and let you know when they are close by. This information allows you to send special offers or coupons to individuals and encourage them to enter your store or make a purchase. By sending customers in your store offers for specific products, you can also influence how well a particular item sells. You can also receive alerts when customers are near your competitors. Sending them a promotional email or alert might be enough to entice them to visit your store instead.

This feature is also beneficial for your clients, as they may be unaware you have a location in a specific city. Making them aware they are near your store can make them feel welcome and remind them of products they wanted to look at or purchase again.

Detect Identify Theft and Online Fraud

If the location of one of your visitors doesn’t match their known customer data, it can be a red flag for identity theft. For example, if you know a customer visited your store but made a purchase in a different state or country at the same time, it can be an indicator that more than one person is using the same identity.

More and more people are looking to their mobile devices for information on nearby locations to eat, shop and purchase services. IP geolocation API can help you keep your customers happy and stay ahead of your competitors. Using this service can simultaneously save you from advertising to uninterested people and attract the attention of your target market. It’s time to let technology do more work for you.

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