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IP geolocation database download service with complete geo data

We constantly track goings-on all over the Web to give users accurate and up-to-date IP geolocation data. Use our IP geolocation download service to screen website visitors, prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive files, or improve your targeted advertising results.

A truly exhaustive and precise IP geolocation database updated daily
99.5%of IP addresses in use
291,000+Locations covered
52,000+Satisfied customers

Our IP address database download service is:

  • Wide-ranging

    We collect data for all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in use. Our IP address database download covers over 270K unique locations spanning more than 200K cities the world over for 99.5% of all active IP addresses.

  • Useful and accurate

    We maintain legally binding agreements with large ISPs that allow us to pool data from several sources. As a result, our database gets hundreds of thousands of updated records every day.

  • Ready to use

    We maintain our database's scope and relevance while making sure to structure information as consistently as possible. Download formats include comma-separated values (CSV) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Two IP Geolocation Database Forms

All Countries

Contains precise geolocation data, network information, a list of connected domains, and more information for all our IP records.

Regulatory Compliance Data Feeds

Contains information on countries sanctioned or restricted by government agencies such as OFAC. Learn more.

IP Geolocation Database | WhoisXML API

IP Geolocation Data Feed can be configured to match your specific data access requirements

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Our geo IP database download by the numbers

Get detailed statistics over our database, including all the distributions by the following features:

By Country

By City


17,390,000 IP blocks and locations
250 Countries
99.5% IP addresses in use covered
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What is IP Geolocation Database Download?

An IP geolocation database download, also called an IP database download, is a service for product architects and developers to include downloadable IP geo data (i.e., country, city, region, latitude/longitude, timezone, etc.) into existing platforms, software, and tools for correlation and data enrichment.

What is IP Geolocation Database Download?

Practical usage

Boost your marketing

Boost your marketing

Obtain essential market demographics and uncover otherwise-untapped opportunities and emerging trends with our IP geolocation intelligence. Find out if someone is disguising his real identity and reduce marketing campaign expenses while boosting efficiency.

Protect your customers and brand

Fortify your infrastructure against cyberattacks; assess risky situations; and consider a user’s originating country, proxy, or Tor usage in your scoring. Block visitors trying to access your website anonymously or implement other means to collect more data before you finally take action. Compare your visitors’ locations with available customer data to prevent online fraud and possible identity theft.

Protect your customers and brand
Enrich your SIEM systems’ data

Enrich your SIEM systems’ data

Enrich indicators of compromise (IoCs) within threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) and security information and event management (SIEM) systems with IP geolocation data. Gathering information on the IP addresses in your system logs can help you identify attack sources, track down cyber attackers or fraudsters, and see patterns and trends that may point to cybercrime hotspots.

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

IP geolocation can serve as a means to block traffic and prevent transactions with users located in sanctioned areas. IP geolocation data can also help you customize how your users’ personal data should be handled and stored, that is, in accordance with the privacy regulations that cover their respective countries or regions.

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements
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