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Bulk IP lookup tool to check multiple IP addresses

Find out where as many as 100,000 web users originate for geo-targeting, content personalization, fraud prevention, digital rights management (DRM), and more with a single bulk IP address lookup.

IP Geolocation Bulk GUI

Our bulk IP address checker tool gives you:

  • Geographic location

    Identify the user’s location at the time of access from the country down to the city or postal code level.

  • Latitude and longitude coordinates

    Our bulk IP address lookup tool gives you a web users’ latitude and longitude coordinates.

  • Time zone

    Find out the corresponding time zone (UTC) behind a web user’s given location.

  • GeoNames ID

    Find out the GeoNames identifier of a user location.

  • ISP

    Learn who the Internet service provider (ISP) in charge of a given IP address is.

  • AS details

    Check Autonomous System (AS) numbers, IP blocks, and connection types (cable/digital subscriber line [DSL], content, educational/research, etc.) of particular IP addresses.

  • Connected domains

    Get a list of resolving domain names with our bulk IP checker.

  • Internet connection

    Identify the kind of Internet connection (mobile, broadband, etc.) a visitor uses.

What isIP GeolocationBulk GUI?

What is a Bulk IP Lookup?

A bulk IP lookup, also known as a batch IP lookup, is a type of query done to check the location, ISP, AS details, linked domains, Internet connection, time zone, and other data points of a large number of IP addresses simultaneously.

bulk ip lookup

Practical applications of a IP bulk lookup



Harness the power of geo-targeting by catering to the right audiences aided by a robust IP lookup tool. Locate your best markets and tailor your marketing campaigns and strategies to them.


Improve the performance of security solutions and systems by adding IP geolocation data to your threat intelligence sources. Pinpoint known threat sources and block them at the IP level if you have to before they can cause damage.

Social research

Social research

Personalize website content to keep visitors coming back for more. Customize product or service recommendations; cater to customers’ preferred languages, currencies, and payment methods; and more with our bulk IP checker.

Fraud prevention

Prevent transaction fraud and content theft in real-time. Comparing subscribers’ current locations, identified through a bulk IP lookup, with their geolocation data on record can help you catch impostors.

Fraud prevention


Enrich your traffic logs and monitoring systems with IP location data to meet regulatory requirements and prevent transactions with designated countries.

Give Bulk IP Geolocation API a try

Get the same benefits and more from Bulk IP Geolocation API. Integrating the IP bulk lookup tool into solutions and systems does away with the hassle of using a separate service for your processes.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is IP geolocation?

    IP geolocation points to the nearest-known physical location where a specific user currently is based on its IP address. Subjecting an IP address to an IP geolocation lookup provides a user’s country, region, city, latitude and longitude coordinates, time zone, GeoNames ID, AS details (AS number, ISP, route, domain, and type), and Internet connection type, among other data points.

  • Why is checking IP addresses in bulk convenient?

    Organizations typically keep track of both incoming and outgoing network traffic. And that translates to hundreds or even thousands of domains and IP addresses per day. Checking them out one by one may be time-consuming and prone to human error. That’s what makes batch IP lookups convenient.

  • Who can use bulk IP lookups?

    Bulk IP lookups are helpful to any organization that wants to keep track of website visitors and users. They are also useful for those who want to prevent fraud, comply with strict area-specific requirements, and keep malicious IP addresses out of their networks. They can also be valuable to advertisers who rely on geo-targeting and geofencing.

  • How does your bulk IP lookup tool work?

    IP Geolocation Bulk GUI works similar to our IP geolocation lookup tool. Unlike the latter, though, our bulk IP lookup tool can take as many as 100,000 IP addresses as input per query. You can either copy and paste the data into the input field or upload a comma-separated values (CSV) file to the tool and get the results in CSV format after in minutes.

  • How often do you update IP data?

    Our IP geolocation data gets updated daily. That means you get the latest location information available every day, which can be particularly important when you’re investigating specific IP addresses. Since ISPs have a limited number of IP addresses, and these typically are assigned based on availability, users’ IP addresses can change from time to time. As a result, they can get any of the providers’ unused IP addresses at the time they’re accessing the Internet. Therefore, having up-to-date information regarding a particular IP address can be crucial.