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Bulk IP geolocation API: Look up 100K addresses in a single call

With a single API request, Bulk IP Geolocation API lets you identify the geographical location of a list of IPs, emails, or domain names. Get access to multiple data points at once, including geographic coordinates, time zone, location details, network type, connected domain name(s), and more.

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IP Geolocation Bulk API
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Bulk IP Geolocation API looks up the following:

  • Geodata

    Data points include the two-letter ISO 3166 country code, region, postal code, city, etc.

  • Latitude/longitude coordinates

    Get exact coordinates pertaining to a group of IP addresses.

  • Time zone in UTC "+10:00" format

    Link a time zone to an IP address for deeper enrichment.

  • GeoNames location identifier

    Gather the IP address ID from the GeoNames database.

  • Network type

    Check the Autonomous System (AS) numbers, types, and routes of IP addresses and network information—cable, digital subscriber line (DSL), Internet service provider (ISP), content, educational/research, enterprise, etc.

  • Domains connected to the IPs

    Find out which domain names are related to the IP addresses in your bulk query.

  • Connection new

    Find out whether the connection type is mobile or fixed (modem, broadband, company, etc.).

The intelligence of our bulk IP address location API is:

  • Reliable

    We pool data from multiple sources with the help of legal agreements with ISPs.

  • Updated

    Our experts add hundreds of thousands of records to our database per week to give you useful data.

  • IPv4 and IPv6

    Our IP geolocation intelligence spans both the IPv4 and IPv6 spaces.

  • Complete

    We cover 99.5% of all IP addresses in use.

Practical usage

Boosting marketing efforts

Geotargeting, geo-based redirection, geofencing, geolocation search engine optimization (SEO) are essential strategies supported by IP location. A bulk IP locator enables you to hasten the process of IP address geo-validation for audience logs and large lists of email addresses and domains resulting from marketing activities.

Ramping up cybersecurity

Manual comparisons between network logs and an IP geolocation database or running each questionable IP address through a single-call API can be a tedious and error-prone process. Reduce time and effort by querying as many as 100,000 IP addresses on a bulk IP address location API in one go.

Develop location-based tools and apps

IP location is now an essential feature of many modern tools and apps. You can integrate the capabilities of our Bulk IP Geolocation API or IP Geolocation API into your applications.

Customizing UX

Finding out where customers or website visitors come from is the only way to go about giving them the best possible user experience (UX). Running hundreds or even thousands of IP addresses on a geolocation tool is time-consuming, though. Make that process easier with Bulk IP Geolocation API.

Easing compliance

Whether to protect user privacy or follow strict product and service provision guidelines, ensuring regulatory compliance is a must for any business that operates in various territories. Correlate customer databases with a bulk IP address location solution’s results to filter users you’re not licensed to serve.

IP Geolocation Bulk API

Get 1,000 free requests. No credit card required.

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