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Does your data specify the street name?

No, it doesn’t. We identify locations with precision up to the city and postal code, which could determine the area of the city. The same hold true for the latitude/longitude. They normally point to the center of the city.

How often is you data updated?

Once a week.

Are you offering this service (with the accuracy described) in the UK?

Yes, our database includes geolocation data for the UK. There are about 390K unique IP ranges which correspond to about 7158K physical locations in the UK, with precision up to the city. To check whether the data is sufficiently detailed for you, please sign up for a free subscription which allows you to check 1,000 IP addresses free of charge.

Can you provide a database dump for IP Geolocation? How often can it be updated for user download? How big are the files roughly?

Yes, we can. You can find all the details here:

How many records do you have on the database?

32,000,000 IP ranges in 250 countries. 260,568 unique locations (including IPv4 and IPv6).

How detailed is your database for a given country?

To check whether the data is detailed enough for you, please sign up for a free subscription which allows checking 1,000 IP addresses for free and try the product with your IPs.

Here is the statistics for different countries.

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