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How extensive is your IP geolocation data?

Our IP geolocation database contains circa 3.7B unique addresses in the IPv4 space and undecillions of IP addresses in the IPv6 space. This corresponds to 99.5% of all IP addresses in use, across 17,390,000 IP ranges in 250 countries and 291,103 unique locations.

Which geo data points do you cover?

Our data points include location (i.e., country, region, city, latitude, longitude, postal code, UTC timezone, and GeoNameID), ISP, connection type, associated domains, and Autonomous System (AS) data (i.e., AS number, name, route, domain, and type).

How precise is your geolocation data?

We identify locations with precision up to the city and postal code level but do not specify the street name. Latitude and longitude coordinates normally point to the center of the city.

We gather and integrate IP geolocation data from multiple sources, both commercial and non-commercial, and established legal agreements with a large number of ISPs to keep our database records fresh and relevant.

How often is your data updated?

Daily at 3:30 am (GMT).

Why is WhoisXML API data better?

Our IP geolocation data provides many advantages to our users, including adequate coverage across countries and the breadth of data points offered at a fair price. The fact that our data is regularly updated and comes from reliable sources translate into high-accuracy for marketing, cybersecurity, and other purposes.

How many requests per second do you support?

You can make up to 100 API calls per second. Above this limit, your additional requests will be pushed to the next second. Contact us if you need a more scalable solution.

Do you provide good value for money?

Our IP geolocation API and related services are competitively priced. In a recent study, we found that our service was 40-50% cheaper than some of the main IP geolocation data providers for a comparable # of geo data points.

Check our pricing page for more information about our one-off, monthly, and annual plans.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can sign up for a free subscription that allows checking up to 1,000 IP addresses.

Can you provide a database dump for IP Geolocation? How often can it be updated for user download? How big are the files roughly?

Yes, we can. You can find all the details on

Are you offering this service for IP addresses in the UK?

Yes, our database includes geolocation data for the UK. We cover over 88K physical locations across more than 10K cities and 14K ISPs.

How detailed is your database for other countries?

Here are the statistics for different countries.

Do you provide lists of domain names connected to an IP?

Yes, our IP geolocation API and other geolocation services will list up to 5 domain names associated with an IP address. Check our reverse IP product page overview to access a complete list of connected domains.

Do you provide information on IP ranges / IP netblocks?

Yes, we also provide IP netblock ownership details. Check our IP netblocks product page for more information.

How can I find a mobile phone's geolocation or the owner of an email address?

Our IP Geolocation API service allows you to identify a geographical location of a specified IP address, email address, or domain name. However, we operate with only public IP addresses (opposite private, which most phones have) and MX servers for email addresses.

Therefore it is impossible to locate a mobile phone or connection point of an email address owner this way. In such cases, you should contact the respective carrier or ISP.